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The internet has created avenues where Manufacturers and Customers can interact. However, the ICS Sales Team fosters relationships and offers valuable experience and information that a computer screen cannot. The synergy of multiple lines, efficient and economical sales calls, territory permanence, in-depth knowledge of Customers and Manufacturers are all benefits that flow freely from ICS to our Principals and Customers.


What is a Manufacturers Representative?

Manufacturers Representatives are professional sales companies. They are independent in terms of legal entities, but are truly inter-dependent with the Manufacturers they represent. Success for the Rep firm cannot be separated from success for the Manufacturer.



Industrial Component Sales covers the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, northern Illinois and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Consult the map on our Territory page for details on lines represented and salesperson coverage.

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Industrial Component Sales, Inc. (ICS), a Power Transmission driven Manufacturer’s Representative firm, was founded in 2000. We have over 40 years of P.T. sales experience and have strategically placed office locations that support seven midwest states and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

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