Featured Items

ICS is pleased to introduce a new Featured Line for each of our reps. Check back monthly or scan the QR code on the back of each of our business cards to link directly to the Featured page: Featured by Mike MattisFeatured by John MackenrothFeatured by Ernie Walters
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Why Mega Chain for your Stainless Steel Needs

Why Mega Chain for your Stainless Steel Needs Many applications require stainless steel either due to corrosion resistance, high operating temps, or regulatory requirement. The age old problem is working loads of stainless are a fraction of carbon steel... NOT ANYMORE! See comparison below: Working Load in Lbs. ANSI Pitch/SizeMega Chain 304 SS Mega Chain…
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Stand-Off Series Mounted Bearing Units

Corrosion Resistant Stand-Off Series Mounted Bearing Units IPTCI Bearings introduces the new Stand-Off Series. These all-stainless mounted units are designed with mounting pads to reduce housing-to-mounting surface contact and create approximately 1/2" of clearance underneath the bearing unit.* *This clearance applies to all styles and sizes. Note: The space behind the insert is larger than…
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